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Best Canada Visa Consultant in Nigeria

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Empowering your migrational choices

Pelek Consulting Inc. specializes in migration administrations including academic consulting, migration consulting, admission processing, study permit application, scholarship, and so forth for individuals, families and business visionaries.
With regards to Canadian migration services Pelek Consulting Inc is vast and well updated with the latest trends. We furnish far-reaching data to individuals with Canadian migration concerns. Established in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada in 2013, Pelek Consulting Inc was established to support students and their families to explore professional and educational doors accessible to them at different levels.

Our Success

Our promise to our customers is exhibited by our success for what it’s worth. Effective 2013 to date, Pelek Consulting Inc. clients were accepted into more than 21 Canadian universities and colleges. This includes top-tier institutions and some of the top-rated courses. A high volume of scholarship funds was accessible to such students as a result of our specialized services.

Our Core Values

Move to Canada from Nigeria

Equip potential migrants with all the information and resources that are needed to make an informed migration decision.

Move to Canada

Helping immigrants (students, Permanent Residents, Visitors, etc.,) with support and settlement services.

Moving to Canada from Nigeria

Inspire and engage students to find and characterize their own ways and to achieve the desired progress.

Our Team

Move to Canada from Nigeria
Olalekan Saliu
Move to Canada from Nigeria
Gbenga Ogundele
Confidential Secretary
Move to Canada
Taiwo Saliu
Account Manager
Move to Canada from Nigeria
Gbenga Adeniyi
Admin Manager
Move to Canada from Nigeria
Ope Famuyiwa
Int'l Recruiting Officer

Pelek Consulting Inc. gives an unmatched customer experience, which is cultivated through conveying mindfully customized, individualized client management administrations. Via preparing the entirety of our representatives to embrace the customers’ points of view of their circumstances as the working reality and to recognize that students and other class of immigrants will seek after their paths in different ways, we have kept on developing our demographic as a principle informal business.

Best Canada Visa Consultant in Nigeria

Best Canada visa Consultant in Nigeria

Best Canada visa consultant in Nigeria – Proficient migration specialists assist the planned outsiders with moving abroad. Their principle duty is to get the candidates far from any lawful issues during the visa application handling. They give help for recording a request for visa, and this involves presenting the required reports, and arranging the visa cycle which is frequently genuinely protracted and complicated.Professional movement experts

Best Canada Visa Consultant In Nigeria: They are the master in the field and have the best information on the most proficient method to get the ideal visa and how to finish the handling. They work inside the set course of events and routinely speak with the customer and the concerned migration office through phone or email. Every applicant is dealt with independently and the administrations are altered according to their (customers’) explicit requirements.

Today, the movement business has extended more than ever. It is a developing industry of billions, when you really go out on the lookout or quest for the migration experts, you well will see 100s of experts professing to be the best movement specialists. Notwithstanding, it is only the misleading statement the same number of the movement experts are only cheats.

Movement Consultants–Key Skills

They should have a Bachelors’s level certificate and furthermore a recognition identified with visa and migration. Be that as it may, it’s not compulsory.

Best Canada Visa Consultant In Nigeria: 

They should have great correspondence just as arrangement aptitudes and must be conversant in English; information on some other unknown dialect is an additional preferred position.

Best Canada Visa Consultant In Nigeria: 

They should have an involvement with campaigning and a decent organization.

Best Canada Visa Consultant In Nigeria: 

They should be a decent audience, propelling, vigorous and must have abilities to lead a group.

Best Canada Visa Consultant In Nigeria: 

They should have the option to convey positive outcome under tension and should comply with the time constraint.

Best Canada Visa Consultant In Nigeria: 

They should be knowledgeable with PC and ought to have great examination aptitudes.

Best Immigration Consultants—Key Functions
Best Canada Visa Consultant In Nigeria: 

They should take a gander at the different parts of migration to guarantee that problem-free and smooth movement happens.

To guarantee that the candidate is appropriate a migration specialist must meet them in advance.

They should get the customs of visa application complete under their direction and twofold check the important reports just to ensure the total visa application is submitted.

They should follow the cutoff time and assurance that the application is submitted inside the time span.

Best Canada Visa Consultant In Nigeria: They should ensure that no bogus data or archive is given. Consequently, all records and data must be twofold checked.

They should keep up proficient yet neighborly relationship with their customers. 

They should consent to assume total liability and should keep themselves all around refreshed.

It is truly hard to pick one movement expert among 100s, yet whenever you have consented to work with one, you will build up an exceptional holding and comprehension. You will be given individual consideration and the security will become further with standard correspondence. They spend significant time in a wide range of visas and are the one-stop for every one of your inquiries and issues identified with movement to your fantasy nation. 

Overall, Pelek consulting inc. remains the Best Canada Visa Consultant In Nigeria specializing in all kinds of visa services.