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Job assistance in Canada from Nigeria

Job Assitance

As one of the leading overseas education and work visa consulting agent, Pelek Consulting Inc has helped several individuals settle in Canada. We have experienced firsthand how moving to Canada can suddenly improve the life of an immigrant. With our comprehensive job assistance solution, we are the number one choice for professionals from Nigeria pursuing work in Canada.

Our services commence with helping you create a resume that meets Canada standards and help you craft well engaging profiles across recruitment sites. We identify industry trends as well as top employment sources to bring to your table more job offers. Our dedicated team will guide you through the job search process.

Assisted benefits likewise include:

Complete the assessment to determine your eligibility for a move to Canada today.

Immigration to Canada

Immigration to Canada

Immigration to Canada – Immigration Programs Overview

There are in excess of 80 pathways to move to Canada! We will plot the general classifications of Canadian migration with an end goal to save things straightforward for our perusers. Snap on the connections to the particular projects to get familiar with the necessities and capabilities should have been qualified to apply.

Movement Tip – Immigration to Canada

Find your Canadian movement choices by finishing our free online evaluation device. In one basic structure, we will assess you for the many migration programs accessible and let you know which one is best for you.

Financial and Business Immigration Options – Immigration to Canada

Financial and business migration choices are for experts who have aptitudes that help the Canadian economy. Each program contrasts significantly in the capabilities required so nobody size-fits-all portrayal is conceivable.

Immigration to Canada

– Financial and business migration classifications include:

Common Nominee Programs

Express EntryQuebec Immigration

Speculator Programs

Businessperson and Self-Employed Programs

Other government classes of movement like the Caregivers Program, the Atlantic Immigration Pilot, the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot, and the Agri-Food Pilot are additionally choices under the umbrella of financial migration to Canada.

Family Sponsorship – Immigration to CanadaFamily sponsorship is a class of movement accessible to the relatives of Canadian residents and lasting inhabitants.

Relatives qualified to support include:

Companion or precedent-based law/intimate accomplice

Subordinate youngster (received or natural)

Guardians and grandparents

In certain conditions, you might be qualified to support other relatives outside the previously mentioned classifications. In the event that you have no other qualified family members to support you may support the accompanying relatives:

Stranded sibling or sister

Stranded nephew or niece

Stranded grandkid

Helpful and Refugee Immigration

Canada has a worldwide standing as an innovator in tolerating new exiles and different foreigners for philanthropic and empathetic reasons. A critical part of Canada’s yearly movement target is devoted to conceding evacuees.

Immigration to Canada
– The amount of Money do You Need to Immigrate to Canada?

The fundamental measure of assets you need to move to Canada differs incredibly. Some movement programs don’t need anything over the handling expenses for your application. Others require a generous interest in Canada. We will separate it by classification beneath.

Monetary migration: Most financial classes of movement require evidence that you can monetarily uphold yourself during your resettlement in Canada. A few anyway don’t. The classifications of financial migration that don’t demand evidence of settlement reserves typically require the candidate to have Canadian work insight or a Canadian bid for employment. The reasoning being that these applicants don’t need assets for resettlement in Canada given the way that they have just incorporated into the Canadian labour force.

Business migration: All types of business movement require critical interest in Canada. It may require the candidate to have put resources into a Canadian organization or require a candidate to make an interest free advance to the bureaucratic or commonplace government.

Immigration to Canada

– Family sponsorship: In many cases, you don’t give monetary data to support a life partner or ward kid. In the event that you are supporting other relatives like a parent or grandparent, there is a monetary prerequisite that should be met to be qualified to apply.

Immigration to Canada

– Philanthropic and evacuee sponsorship: If you are applying under helpful and merciful grounds applications, no monetary necessities exist. The main time monetary data is needed under this class of migration is if the displaced person is a secretly supported candidate. All things considered, the Canadian gathering supporting the exile must exhibit that they have raised adequate assets to support the resettlement of the displaced person applicant.

Immigration to Canada

– What are the Requirements to Immigrate to Canada?

The archives needed for a movement application rely upon the program to which you are applying. For instance, some migration programs require Canadian experience and some don’t need any whatsoever.

Archives that are probably going to be required to incorporate ID/travel reports, instructive records, verification of work insight, monetary history, and so on To decide the reports, you will require, first you need to figure out which migration program is best for you!

What is the Fastest Way to Immigrate to Canada?

The quickest strategy for moving to Canada is through Express Entry. Express Entry measures most applications in a half year or less.

What is the Maximum Age for Immigration to Canada

There is no particular age limit prerequisite for any Canadian movement program. All things considered, in many classes of financial movement, candidates 25-35 get the most extreme focuses. That doesn’t mean more seasoned candidates can’t be chosen. Having generous work insight, high language capability, associations with Canada, and progressed training can undoubtedly balance any focuses lost for age in financial movement.

Family sponsorship and helpful and outcast migration to Canada don’t utilize a positioning framework and hence don’t have any punishments for age at all.

Is it Easy to Immigrate to Canada?

With more than 80 pathways of movement, Canada has a scope of choices for a wide range of candidates. All things considered, moving to another nation requires some exertion. Some movement programs require higher capabilities and a larger number of reports than others. Utilizing the administrations of a Canadian movement legal advisor can incredibly aid the migration cycle beginning to end.

Canadian migration legal counselors are the purpose of contact with the public authority for your application. They handle the accommodation of your application and exhort you on the archives you need, the ones you should incorporate, and the records you ought not give.

To study how the talented lawful experts and attorneys at the Canadim Law Firm can help you, look at our Canadian movement administrations page.

Do I Need a Job Offer to Immigrate to Canada?

No. By far most of all Canadian perpetual occupants don’t have a bid for employment in Canada when they apply. While some Canadian movement programs expect candidates to have a Canadian proposition for employment, there are a scope of projects and choices accessible to unfamiliar nationals without a proposal of work in Canada.

Immigration to Canada
What is a Permanent Resident?

A Canadian lasting occupant is a resident of another nation who has been conceded authorization to live in Canada as a perpetual inhabitant. When an individual has perpetual occupant status, they reserve the option to live and work anyplace in the nation. Perpetual inhabitants get countless advantages in Canada, including admittance to medical care and social administrations, the option to live, work, and study anyplace in Canada, and security under Canadian law. Also, subsequent to being a lasting inhabitant for a specific measure of time, perpetual occupants are qualified to apply to become Canadian residents! Eminently, Canadian perpetual occupants don’t reserve the option to cast a ballot in Canadian races.

Immigration to Canada
– What is a Citizen?

Canadian residents have numerous rights and advantages in Canada. Residents approach medical care, social administrations, uphold under the law. A resident can live, work, and study, anyplace in Canada, and has the privilege to cast a ballot in Canadian races. Too, citizenship can’t be renounced or eliminated. All individuals brought into the world in Canada consequently meet all requirements for Canadian citizenship. Too, unfamiliar nationals can become naturalized Canadian residents by experiencing the correct application measure with Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Would i be able to Work Anywhere in Canada? – Immigration to Canada

When an individual has Canadian perpetual occupant status, they have the approval to live and work anyplace in Canada. In the event that an unfamiliar public doesn’t have Canadian lasting occupant status, at that point they should have the best possible approval to work in Canada. Normally, this approval comes as a Canadian work license.

Would i be able to Bring My Family to Canada?

Certain movement programs permit far off nationals to move to Canada with their relatives. Nonetheless, the relatives ready to go with an outside public changes relying upon the movement program. For instance, those moving through Canada’s Express Entry framework are qualified to remember their life partner and ward youngsters for the application, however not their folks. Be that as it may, Canada has family sponsorship programs empowering Canadian residents and perpetual occupants to support their companion or customary law accomplice, subordinate youngsters, and guardians/grandparents. To decide if your relatives may go along with you, first you should figure out which migration pathway you decide to seek after!

For what reason is Canada Looking for Immigrants? – Immigration to Canada

Canadian urban communities and provincial regions rely upon newcomers to keep their populaces developing and to help their work markets. Canada likewise has a maturing populace, and without a strong arrangement of migration, Canada would be on a comparative direction to that of Japan during the 1990s. Yet, dissimilar to Japan, Canada grasped movement and that has permitted us to keep up an enormous extent of the populace in prime working age, somewhere in the range of 25 and 54. This would not be conceivable without mass migration to Canada.